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DeSoKit adds a lot of powerful missing features that can't be found on any DeSo nodes such as:

👉 Coin Bundles: Allows you to buy several creator coins at once that are "bundled" into groups such as the @Krassenstein bundle or OGs.
👉 Limit Orders: Allows you to automatically buy a certain creator coin once its price and/or founder reward drops below your chosen threshold.
👉 Verification Voter: Submit a @DESO community member you believe should be verified and it will tally the votes.
👉 Follow Suggestions: DeSo community members you should follow based on your profile.

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The Best starter kit and tools for anyone new on Deso to know and learn about Deso


Deso kit is something else 😃 I can literally set a limit order for any creator coin I want to buy and invest in. And also buy a group of creator coins all at once. Thanks guys for making this possible.

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