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Learn and Earn about DeSo

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We reward your knowledge with $DESO because we want you to help build the DeSo community.

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Great idea to educate and engage new users. Love the concept of crator coin faucets - in my many interactions with new users, they really liked the idea to receive small amounts of creator coin and DeSo to play with while learning about the platform.


Wow, learn and earn. I hope to bring new user to Deso platform so they can test their knowledge about Deso and still get rewarded for it. Such a great idea guys, this will definitely attract new user to the platform.


It takes up coinbase earn's strategy and lures people into learning stuff about DeSo they may otherwise procrastinate on- great idea and great implementation!


Awesome idea. Thank you for this! :)

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4.88 / 5.00 (8 ratings)

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